There Is No Such Thing As The Perfect Body!

There Is No Such Thing As The Perfect Body…..

We are constantly reminded by society and popular culture on what the perfect body type is and the best ways to achieve it. These stereotypes not only influence how we feel about ourselves, but dictates how we choose to live our lives and the choices that we make.

We are all unique individuals, which makes us so different from each other, therefore, so should our choices. So, what body type are you? Are you an Ectomorph, naturally lean physique? This body type is often seen in the most popular beauty magazines and the one that most women strive to attain. Are you an Endomorph? A round and unstructured physique. Endomorphs tend to carry excess weight around their stomach, and their arms and legs are generally larger than other body types. Then there is the Mesomorph, the athletic built, a powerful and impressive structure. This body type is mostly targeted by men and envied by many who aspire to have a strong, athletic physique. My body type would be that of the latter.

Whatever your body type, it is important to understand what training works best for you and how you can achieve a fitter body and become a better version of yourself. An Ectomorph with its slim frame would struggle to gain muscle mass and body weight. Because of their high metabolism, they burn fat very quickly and can keep it off. This is opposed to a Mesomorph, who will develop muscles easily and has more muscles than fat on their bodies. However, Mesomorphs can gain weight quickly if their diet is high in sugar and calories. Consequently, Endomorphs have a higher percentage of body fat, with less muscle mass.

The perfect body does not exist. Don’t go searching for it. Understanding your body type will help you and your trainer devise the best fitness programme for you. Body positivity comes with accepting the body that you are in and many positive changes to it, regardless of how society and popular culture view ideal size, shape and appearance.

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