Are you fed up with costly gym memberships? Tried a few fad diets and can’t seem to shift the extra pounds? Or simply just lack the motivation to workout? No matter how healthy or fit we may perceive ourselves, there is always a general feeling of wanting more. “If only I could lose a few more pounds or get a little more muscle definition”, is usually a common thought. Well, at Squat2Fit we are here to help you achieve and maintain your fitness goals.

We all have busy lives, and taking time out of our daily routine to exercise seems the least of our priorities and a challenge. It doesn’t have to be! At Squat2Fit, we prepare you for success! We can cater to any fitness level. Whether you are a complete beginner, or maintaining your current fitness, our sessions are designed with you in mind. What better way to workout than with the support of other like-minded individuals who have similar fitness goals and aspirations. You’ll be surprised how your attitude can change when you surround yourself with encouraging and supportive people.

Our aim is to ensure we understand what you are hoping to achieve with your fitness and to set realistic targets.  Our fitness sessions are a complete and varied workout, each tailored and designed to challenge you.

As an experienced competitive athlete, Kim has the knowledge and experience to help you stay motivated and to challenge you in achieving your goals.

So get in touch today, and let us help motivate you to get in shape.

Commit to be fit!

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