Personal Training

Our personal training programme is for any age and ability. We will discuss your goals, set targets and devise a programme suitable for you. Whether you wish to lose weight, maintain your current fitness, build strength or develop lean muscles, our PT programme will motivate and encourage you to achieve your goals.

One-to-One Personal Training:

➡️ £310 – 10 sessions

➡️ £280 – 8 sessions

➡️ £160 – 4 sessions

➡️ Shared sessions – £25 per person. Maximun of two people.

What’s Included:

✅ Personal consultation and assessment to understand your fitness goals

✅ 1-2-1 hourly sessions

✅ Up to 10 packaged sessions

✅ A full training plan designed to challenge and motivate you

✅ Nutritional support

✅ Weekly check-in

✅ 4-weeks programme review

N.B. 4-week vouchers are valid for two months after the date of purchase. 8 and 10-week vouchers are valid for three months after the date of purchase.

A late notice fee will apply for PT sessions cancelled within 24hrs.

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