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Thanks so much Kim. You really helped to get my head into the right place. You’ve given me a solid plan that I will stick to. I knew it was going to be a tough session from the warm up 😆 but I got everything that you were getting me to do and why 🙏🏾❤️ x

Natasha Norris

One day when I was walking in the park and I saw you coaching, I went near by and you called me to join the group. I told myself that day, enough is enough, and I went for it. I had to do something as I gained a lot of weight during my second pregnancy which caused me loads of physical and mental difficulties. When I saw you Kim, I knew you are the person who can help. You are professional with a big heart, who values discipline, has fighting spirit and fierceness. I can only thank you for having the opportunity to train by your side. I strongly believe and hope our team will grow.🙂

Katarina Budosova

Kim, that was a fantastic session and felt totally right for me!!! It far exceeded my expectations and please don’t think I underestimated you, it’s just that I didn’t know whether I would like it. Thank you. I will be singing your praises and think I have 2 recruits for you already 😂

Anna Sole

Hi Kim
It was great fun today! You were so helpful and everybody so nice and friendly. It was a great workout, although I feel I am not very strong and found some exercises very hard. This could be due to my lack of energy. I have only ever done a few exercises in the past, which is why I found it hard to start today. Thank you so much for this morning.

Pat Hampshire

This morning was great, but you really kicked my butt girl 👊🏽.

Sarah-Anne Poutney

Kim, that was awesome, thanks. I definitely will be walking like a cowboy tomorrow, and have just struggled to get my arms up to wash my hair in the shower 😂😂 really enjoyed it though, thanks and I am definitely keen to try a circuits class too.

Carrie Mitchell

That was really great! Thank you, Kim. I’m struggling with the bending down to pick up toys!! Oh and walking upstairs!! Really awesome class. Thank you.

Roberta Middleton

Thank you Kim.
Session was intense and good!

Fola Ehimika

Had my first session today, Kim is truly inspirational as is her commitment to helping others. Very motivational – can’t wait for next week!

Melanie Dodds-Worrall

Had my first HIT session this morning, really well planned, set up and explained. Worked very hard and felt motivated and supported. I like the set up with different kinds of exercise sessions offered through the week. Definitely signing up. 😁

Jennifer Tabita
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