What Are Your Fitness Goals?

This week I sat down with my client Julie, who shared her fitness journey to date.

Have you always been a fit  person?

I have always enjoyed different sports, but more because I’m an outdoors person. I haven’t really followed any sort of fitness programme before, which mean’t that my weight and fitness levels have fluctuated a lot over the years.

What motivated you to get a personal trainer?

I was lacking motivation and structure in my life. Work has always dominated my time, but in lockdown I found myself with more time to exercise, so I could no longer use that as an excuse. I was also aware that I needed to embrace different types of training to enhance my strength and conditioning to avoid injuries due to running.

What areas of your body did you want to change?

All of it! I have always hated how I look and avoided mirrors in my teens and twenties. I think my legs are okay, but I have belly fat, thick upper arms and back fat. I have no aspirations to be thin, just to have a strong, toned body that I feel comfortable enough to look in a mirror and feel happy in clothes.

What are your fitness goals and how would you describe your journey so far? 

Kim has introduced me (and my husband) to a range of different exercises that we can do in between sessions. She is always able to tailor our sessions to any injuries or aches I have and will always offer advice and guidance. Feedback on my food/drink intake has also been really insightful and I have tried to make some long term changes such as increasing protein, reducing alcohol intake and monitoring my fat consumption. All of this delivered with a positive and encouraging disposition. Kim has a great blend of support and challenge. She always makes me feel like I can achieve without being too pushy. My husband now joins in and Kim has been able to adapt our sessions so that we can work out together, have fun and support each other.

Are you happy with your progress?

I am very happy with the progress I have made. I have lost a few inches and definitely feel I am on an upward trajectory with my fitness. Despite less time to exercise at the moment due to increased work commitments, I try to do some workouts in between our PT sessions. I definitely feel like I understand my body better and can implement the changes to feel happier with my body and my overall fitness.

What advice would you give anyone looking for a personal trainer?

A personal trainer needs to be someone you can trust, someone you respect and someone who will push you to realise your goals. Kim ticks all of these boxes and more. She is a fabulous coach, a wonderful role model and a great person to have on your side. I look forward to our weekly sessions and I am enjoying my fitness journey with her.

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