Keep Your Workouts Varied And Fun!

With gyms reopening in less than 48hrs in England, what piece of equipment/machinery or group classes are you looking forward to the most?

It is tempting to jump right back into your old gym routine, but you had a long time away from using weights and other equipment, so it’s best to ease yourself back into it gently. Lifting too heavy or over-exerting yourself too soon, trying to pick up where you left off is not the best advice. It’s ok to start lifting a few kilos lighter and gradually build as the weeks progress. This will avoid any injuries. With time and patience you will bounce back stronger and fitter.

There’s no need to ditch your lockdown fitness routine just because the gyms are open. It’s a good idea to keep your workouts varied and fun. So if you took up jogging, online fitness classes, personal training, cycling or hiking, then keep doing this. Remember! fitness is a journey for life, do what you enjoy and works best for you. Keep your workouts fun, yet challenging and always set goals for yourself.

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