Home Workout Ideas

With gyms closed, face to face group leisure activities to a halt and with little or no chance of a social meet up at least until the end of March, our homes have become our full-time entertainment centre; where we play, work, eat and socialise virtually. No wonder life can seem a bit mundane. However, your workout routine doesn’t have to be.

Why not switch things up with these ideas. But, before you start any workout, always remember to warm up properly to avoid injury and to get the most out of your exercise. Just a few stretches to loosen those muscles.

➡️ The Plank – such a simple exercise, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do. However, it’s extremely effective in building a strong core and back. This can be done on your knees if you are a beginner or from a push-up position on your toes, forming a straight line to your shoulders. Engage your abs and glutes. Hold for 30 seconds and as you get stronger, increase by 10 seconds.

➡️ Home Workout Videos – there is a wide choice of home workout videos you can choose from online. Create a workout plan and mix things up every few weeks. I.e. HIIT circuits on Monday’s and Wednesday’s, strength training on Tuesday’s and pilates on Thursday’s. Now that the weather is nice, get outdoors for a long walk, cycle or a run.

➡️ Try dancing! It’s an intense cardio workout, plus lots of fun.

➡️ Use the stairs – have you ever felt out of breath walking up and down your stairs at home? Why not incorporate this into your workout routine?

➡️ Invest in a skipping rope – not only is skipping a full body workout, it is an affordable and effective way to keep the weight off.

➡️ Dumbbells with a difference – If you want to include some weight training in your workout, but don’t own any dumbbells, don’t worry! No need to rush out and purchase any. Use an empty water bottle and fill it with water. 1ltre of water weighs 1kg. You can also use more bottles and put them in a bag if you wish to increase the weight.

Return to Outdoor Fitness:

In line with the Government announcement on the 22nd February with regards to a phased return to sports and leisure activities, organised outdoor fitness groups can resume classes from the 29th March 2021. However, because we are only allowed up to six people per session, it was decided to resume our outdoor classes from 12th April, when limitations on numbers are lifted. Until such time, we will continue with our online fitness classes.

Weekly Fitness Challenge

Every Thursday we set a new 1- minute challenge for our members. It’s great to see everyone getting involved and sending in their videos and photos. This coming Thursday, your challenge is skipping. How long can you skip without stopping?

Send me your videos!

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