Squat2Fit Members Christmas Party

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us, at the Squat2fit members Christmas party.  It was overwhelming to receive all of your lovely messages, photos and videos from the evening. Araceli’s Restaurant, Woking, did a great job in hosting us and created a fun and lively atmosphere. 

Congratulations to the following who won prizes on the evening and to everyone who nominated their member of choice:
➡️ Miss Congeniality – Anna Sole
➡️ Most Improved – Rita Moran
➡️ Weight Loss Success – Fola Martins Ehimika and Madeleine Acuna
➡️ Squat2fit Most Fit – Frankie Smith
➡️ Rear Of The Year – Karina Marsh

Raffle Winners:
➡️ Fiona Scattergood – luxury chocolates 
➡️ Anna Sole – Panettone 400g
➡️ Yuliya Lezhankova – luxury hand cream and body lotion set 
➡️ Joana Menezes – A day guest pass to David Lloyds Club, Woking 

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