Tips To Staying Fit While On Holiday

The time has come for that long awaited holiday, where you can relax, unwind and escape your normal routine. You started a new fitness programme this year and you are now beginning to feel great about your health and fitness. But how do you stay motivated to exercise while on holiday and away from your normal routine? 

First thing is not to obsess about your fitness. This is a journey for life, so you must find the right balance. You must not deprive yourself of life joys, just because you are away from your day to day routine. However, to keep you motivated through your fitness, below are some tips to help you find the right balance and to keep you moving while on holiday.

1: Set Realistic Targets – You probably cannot fit in your normal exercise programme, so aim to complete 50% of what you normally do.

2: Plan Ahead – Before you set off, research the local area you are staying for nearby parks or routes where you can jog or exercise. There maybe a hotel gym or one nearby.

3: Pack A Resistance Band – Resistance bands are great for a full body workout. It’s like a gym in a bag. A fantastic way to tone and condition the body and in the privacy of your hotel room. 

4: Don’t Deprive Yourself of Your Favourite Foods – It’s important that you plan meals out with your family, without feeling guilty about indulging in your favourite foods. You may also wish to request your favourite meal from your chef with healthy modifications.

5: Be Creative – There are many ways to keep fit besides the gym, using weights or your normal fitness routine. Try swimming, beach volley ball, kayaking or cycling.

6: Play In The Pool – While lounging by the pool, take 30 minute dips and walk the length of the pool ten times.

7: Prepare Snacks – If you are taking a long car journey or flight, prepare your snacks in advance so that you can eat healthily on the journey. 

8: Be Comfortable – Pack loose comfortable clothing that you can exercise in.

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