Skip Rope, Not Breakfast

Your body is like a car, you have to maintain it for it to function correctly. Just like we service our cars annually, with regular checks on tyre pressures, oil and of course weekly fuel; our bodies also need servicing. It goes without saying that exercise is key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but we must be equally as mindful of our nutrition. Breakfast is extremely important! It’s the first meal of the day! It breaks the overnight fasting period, provides the essential nutrients for your body, such as calcium, iron and vitamin B, as well as protein and fibre. It also replenishes your supply of glucose. Research has shown, if these nutrients are missed at breakfast, it is less likely that these will be compensated for later in the day. Not only does breakfast provide nutritional benefits, but it also aids in your mental and emotional wellbeing. It keeps you focused, happy, controls your appetite, i.e, the need for less snacking throughout the day and reenergizes you.

What are some ideas of a healthy breakfast? Eggs, Greek yoghurt, coffee, chia seeds, fruit, nuts, green tea or protein shake. These are just a few ideas, but the options are plentiful. So the next time you consider skipping breakfast, just think about these beneficial factors.

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