Training Physical Health For Mental Health

Training Physical Health For Mental Health.

Training is my therapy, without it I feel incomplete. It gives me the confidence boost I need for a productive day. Whenever I workout, I feel more grounded and ready for whatever life has to throw at me. Exercise does more than just improve my emotional state.

Over the past year, I faced many challenges in my personal and professional life, but I remain optimistic that with a healthy body and mind I can get through anything and I want you to feel that way too.

Below are a few tips to help relieve some added stress and reap the benefits of a good workout.

Mantra It Up For Resilience and Strength

The mantras you use in your workouts have the potential to help you through struggle in your everyday life. When you repeat mantras through physical struggle, they can serve as a reminder of that strength even when you’re not hitting the weights.

Breath for Grounding and Peace

It is a great idea to incorporate breath work into your workouts. Breathe openly and deeply while you move and concentrate on how that breath feels moving in and out of your body.

Let Go For Emotional Release

We release stress in different ways. You may go for a run outside or a swim in a pool. Both of these options would allow you to relieve some of the emotional tension without too many people staring at you or asking if you are okay.

If you are in a very dark place right now, skip this one and wait until you feel your depression isn’t overwhelming. Seek help from your therapist instead, as this type of workout isn’t the best for really intense emotional releases.

Workout With A Positive Friend

Working out with a friend that supports and encourages you is extremely therapeutic. 

Having this friend around to support you through the process of a healthier and happier lifestyle, is a wonderful way to share this experience and help each other through it.

Do Something You’re Good At

How many times have you said you’re going for a run, when in fact you really don’t enjoy running? It feels more of a chore than a release. Doing a workout you enjoy is much easier to commit to. For the sake of your goals, do things you’re good at a few times a week. I hope these tips help you cope and maintain a healthy positive mindset and body.

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