It’s Okay To Miss A Day…Or Two..

So you’ve had a few good months of fitness since the lockdown was lifted. You managed to get outdoors to jog, cycle, take long walks, join the gym or your fitness group. This coupled with the pleasant weather was a real incentive. However, the last few days you fell off a bit, albeit because of holidays, visiting relatives or planning playdates for your children. Whatever the reason, you didn’t have the time! Well it’s ok to miss a day, two or even three. Missing a few days of exercise won’t completely end or effect your process or progress, but making it a habit can. Sometimes our bodies are telling us we need a break. When you do return to your regular fitness routine, then you will feel refreshed, committed and focused on your goals.

To get you back on track, set a goal, make a plan, stick to your schedule and meet your target. Start off slowly and then work your way back to where you left off. No need to jump into your fitness routine full steam if you’ve had a long time off. Fitness is a journey for life, find a programme that works well with your lifestyle. If you need an incentive to get you started, here is a link to my ‘5 Minutes Cardio Blast’.

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