Highlights Of The Squat2Fit 5K Fun Run

Well done and thank you to everyone who took part in and volunteered their time to the Squat2Fit 5K Fun Run today. It was a great morning and the weather was perfect for running conditions.

A special thank you to Jane De Lay, Head of Community Engagement at Shooting Star Children’s Hospices, who came out to support us today and the photographer from Woking News and Mail for capturing some amazing photos of the morning. I look forward to reading the follow-up feature in the local paper.

The morning could not have been possible without the Squat2Fit mums who committed their time and continued with their training throughout the lockdown. You did amazingly well today and your progress has not gone unnoticed.

Congratulations to everyone on completing the run and receiving your medals. It was also wonderful to see all the children taking part and cheering everyone on. A huge well done to the top three finishers.
1st Place – Carmen Gamlin
2nd Place – Anna Sole
3rd Place – Rita Moran

The funds raised for Shooting Star Children’s Hospices which in the last 48hrs has increased to £1,193 https://www.justgiving.com/team/Squat2Fit-Mums, will be released to the charity at the end of August. Therefore, donations are still welcomed.

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