Finding Your Why

If you’re finding it difficult to stay motivated right now, you’re not alone. I’ve had my struggles with keeping motivated lately, but when I have days like these, I think about what I really need in that moment and what will make me feeI inspired. This is where my mental list of wants and needs come in handy. I ask myself, “Do I need to rest my body, or am I just lacking motivation”? Either way, this is my cue to find my happy place and I remember my “why”.

The reality is, you will not always feel motivated and energised to workout. You will have days that you need to step away from your normal routine and that’s o.k. It is important that you have a balance in life, a choice of both physical and mental activities to stimulate you. Whether it be a walk in the park, cycle, board games with your family, or a movie. If this is what you need at that moment to put a smile on your face and motivate you, then do it.

But, if you want to make physical exercise part of your life, you MUST have a reason to keep going and remembering why you started your fitness journey. Those days, months, years, when you showed up at bootcamp in the pouring rain, and you committed to exercising three days a week, rain or shine. You suddenly reached a point where you noticed your waistline slimming down, and those old jeans that couldn’t fit last year are now fitting you perfectly; the goal you set to run 5k in less than 30 minutes or complete a jog around the park without stopping. Whatever your goal, it’s never too late to get back on track. Write your mental list of strategies and when you need motivation, remember your “why”.

Here is my list of “why”:

  • Exercise makes me happy.
  • I love feeling strong, fit and pushing my body to its limits.
  • I love seeing the results of my hard labour.
  • I am mentally prepared to start my day.
  • I thrive on making progress and accomplishing my goals.

I encourage you to keep a list of why you want to stay fit. Set your goals. Make a plan to accomplish those goals and do what you need to achieve them. 

Life is all about challenges, that is how we learn and grow, but you must not let these challenges defeat you. How you choose to overcome these challenges is up to you. Step up to the plate, embrace these challenges and remember your “why”.

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