It’s That Time Of The Month Again, Should I Exercise?

Ladies, let’s talk about a subject that’s a little taboo, working out during your period. Should you or should you not? But, why not? There is research to support the fact that if you experience fatigue and mood swings in the days leading up to your period and during your cycle, regular aerobic exercise may lessen these symptoms. Of course some experience a heavier cycle (menorraghia) than others, which can lead to embarrassing moments. However, there are super absorbent towels that can mould to your body shape. You may feel fatigue, bloated and lousy during your period, but don’t feel you have to avoid your workout, just listen to your body and do a less intensive workout if necessary. If you had planned a long run, take a shorter run instead. We must ignore the excuse that working out during your period is a bad idea. In addition to helping alleviate bloating and headaches associated with having a period, running can also be a great mood booster, provides stress relief and can help you stay in tune with your body. It’s so important to keep moving, no matter what time of the month it is.

In a study of top female athletes, while nearly three out of four said they felt worse just before menstruation, 63 per cent said that their pain decreased during training. A workout or physical activity will also make you feel better overall, as exercise stimulates endorphin production in your body. These feel-good hormones not only relieve the symptoms of PMS, they improve your sleep too.

So the next time you feel like hiding away, curling up on your sofa with a jar of cream and chocolate bar watching your favourite movie, think how much better you would feel if you get up and exercise. For when you sweat, water leaves the body, relieving the bloat. Plus your mood’s boosted and you will have lots more energy and feel 100% better.

Did You Know?

➡️ Eating chocolates while menstruating can make your periods heavier🤷🏾‍♀️. Chocolates are great in taste, but they can trigger the blood flow.

➡️ Honey is soothing for your body but during your periods, they can increase the internal heat of your body and cause your periods to be heavier than normal.

➡️ The majority of the fats which are found in dairy products are saturated and they can cause inflammation. Not only they make your periods worse but, they can also increase cramps. So, you should avoid having them while menstruating.

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