Take A Step Back

It’s been a very packed week for me. I don’t think I have sat down for one minute and the week hasn’t even finished!! Do you ever get that feeling that you are moving at 150mph and any minute you will erupt? Well that’s the kind of week I am having. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a terrible one by any means, but I could do with some downtime.

Sometimes our lives and jobs require us to be happy, excited and enthused on call. But maybe you are having that kind of day where you cannot give your all. Then what do you do to “get into character” so to speak and lift your mood? If there is one thing I have learnt from working in the service industry is that you need time to step away from your role if only for a minute and relax. Sometimes five minutes is enough just to meditate and have a bit of calm. This process of reflection helps us to find inner peace, strength and courage to face any obstacle that comes our way.

Since a child, I have always been a proactive person when it comes to my goals. Once I put my mind to achieving something, I go at it full throttle. This is evident in many things I achieved throughout my life. I am strong willed, determined and committed. However, there was always this imbalance of my emotions and how I dealt with situations around me. For example, whenever a situation occurred that would affect my inner peace, this also had a bearing on me physically. I became restless, distant and unsure. My eating habits would change and I let these situations control my behaviour.

It took a lot of time and reflection for me to adapt to ‘released control’, being in control of myself, how I thought, felt and reacted to certain situations. I cannot control other people’s reactions or circumstances around me, but I can certainly control the way I choose to respond to those situations. I discovered this is way more beneficial to my well-being, because it can be draining if you allow other people to control you and situations beyond your control.

The road to mastering your inner peace can be a long one. However, you are in control of your destiny, but you must accept that there will be distractions along the way. How you choose to respond to those distractions determines which route your life will take. However, you must take a step back, pause, reflect and choose the path you feel will give you inner peace, what makes you happy and in control. For me, it is the love and affection of my family.

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