Don’t Buy The January Lie!

How many times have we heard,” it’s January and it’s time for a healthier and fitter me! This time around I will start the year off right and get fit!”. Then March comes around and your membership card is sitting on top of the counter collecting dust. Many of us have been there and continue to give into the January Lie! stop kidding yourselves, because change only happens when we are truly ready.

The fitness industry is overwhelmed with offers of a perfect body in just 30 days. Sign up today and receive your first month free! It is attractive I must admit, but is this really the only motivation you need to get back into shape? For those of us who have never stepped foot into a gym, or find the idea of exercising alone boring or intimidating, then you need adequate support and a programme that would motivate you, but also the guidance of a fitness expert to hold your hand through this arduous journey. Be honest with your objectives and find an instructor who will give you the direction and guidance you need to a healthier and fitter you. Whether it is a gym setting, a one-to-one personal instructor or small group session, your fitness plan needs to work for you. It’s a plan not just for January but for a lifetime.

It goes without saying, that nutrition and fitness goes hand in hand. It would be absolutely pointless to engage in a full fitness programme, if your nutrition is poor. However, that’s not to say that you should obsess about your nutrition. Avoid too  many carbs, eat your veggies and fruits and lots of protein. Oh! and don’t forget to treat yourself once and a while. So, when you  decide to change your lifestyle, ensure you commit to be fit and healthy!

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