COVID-19 Guidelines

Please note the following as it pertains to COVID-19 guidelines for our indoor classes:
➡️ Entry to the hall is between 09:15-09:30. Please note that we start promptly at 09:30.
➡️ There will be a maximum of 15 per class, which will provide adequate spacing and movement for all participants. Spaces will be marked out with cones.
➡️ Hall administrators have asked that all members wear a face mask on entering and exiting the hall. However, masks are NOT to be worn during exercise.
➡️ Hand sanitizers will be provided at all classes. Please ensure you use these before and after each session.
➡️ Only one bag per person is allowed in the hall.
➡️ Please ensure that you download the NHS Covid-19 app, as you are required to scan the code on arrival.
➡️ It’s important that you book onto your classes, as we are required to provide a list of all participants.
➡️ We will be using a combination of resistance bands and hand weights in our classes. These are sanitized before and after use.
➡️ If you or any of your family members develop Coronavirus symptoms, can I please ask that you do not attend classes but get checked right away.

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